How to Create Effective Landing Pages

How to Create Effective Landing Pages

A successful landing page is the foundation of overall online marketing. You can have eye-catching offers and well-optimized PPC ads, but without a good landing page, you couldn’t convert visitors into leads, customer or subscribers.

If you have a good conversion rate, following some tips can help you make your landing pages more effective. But if you have issues with turning visitors into your potential customers, it’s time to take action and create a winning landing page. It is easy to convert when you follow these simple rules of great web design.


1. Make Clean and Simple Web Design

A successful landing page should be minimalist, simple and introduce information gentle. The overall structure of your page will affect the user experience and how well it generates leads. Make sure that your main goal is to make it easier for visitors to use and convert. That’s why it is important to make all elements of your landing page work for you.

Use an organized and straightforward design with enough white space to grab customers’ attention on your products and call to action. Include attractive and high-quality images and bright colors. Note that green and red buttons can increase conversions, but make sure that there is a good contrast between your background and colors of your buttons.

Ensure that your page appears correctly across different screen resolutions. Check out how easily a visitor can use the page on mobile devices. Your web design mustn’t slow down the page loading time. Use PageSpeed Insights to test your page’s speed performance.


2. Create a Clear and Convincing Offer

Once people visit your website, a value proposition is the first thing that helps them define whether to click the button or leave the page. It is also the first thing you need to pay attention and test if you want a huge boost. The value proposition should be strong and explain why people need to learn more about your product or service.

An effective landing page should promote the offer with convincing headline and subheading for further explanation of the value proposition. Your headline and your offer shouldn’t differ too much and concise enough. In the heading, tell people what exactly they can get on your landing page. Make sure that a convincing headline can drive more traffic and conversion in the first step.


3. Craft a Captivating Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is the finish line of your landing page. It is essential to provide clickable and visible buttons that will encourage visitors to take action such as buy something, subscribe or sign up. Your CTA should align with your value proposition. Otherwise, it makes people confused and abandon the landing page.

Place your CTAs after your headline and subheading at the top and bottom of your page. You can also create a floating action button that will always be visible. Use smart colors or animations to engage visitors. Try to be creative with your CTA text. Keep it short. Include verbs that highlight value like “Get a free consultation” or “Get a free report.”


4. Keep Your Form Short

If you want to gather enough data about your visitors, ensure to request only essential information. A winning landing page keeps the principle of less is more. If you want to get more information, you can do it on the thank you page. Otherwise, it will reduce the chance of filling out the form and getting the desired conversion.

Remember that people don’t have much time to fill those forms. Ask the essentials like their names and email addresses. If you want to get their phone numbers or date of birth, you can be the risk of reducing your conversions by 50%. To define which form works well for you, you need to do multivariate testing.

5. Include Trust Signals

Before users take the desired action, you need to show them that your brand is reliable. Include trust elements on your landing page, such as testimonials, the number of social shares and subscribers, award and security badges, press mentions, success stories from customers, etc.

You can also implement trust badges. Client logos that you have worked with in the past, different trusted groups where you are a member, and recognitions you’ve obtained. You can add buttons to purchase from stock graphic websites. All of these elements will increase trust in your brand and encourage users to take action.

Pro Tip

Similar to any marketing campaign, testing is one of the most effective ways to figure out what works best for you. Test different type of formats to know how it appears on all devices. If you manage a multinational business, you need to collaborate with your team and translators.


I hope these five simple tips will help you create winning landing pages. Keep it simple and easy to navigate. Focus on your customers. Use the right tools to improve your marketing campaign. When you do things right, the success won’t be long in coming.

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