5 Smart Tips to Improve Your Web Design

5 Smart Tips to Improve Your Web Design

As you know that it is not an easy task to create an effective web design. But how to make your visitors stay longer on your site? Is it easy for users to navigate the site? Do you have a high bounce rate? A complete redesign can be a good option, but in some case you can’t do it. Because it takes much time and money.

But there are a lot of ways to improve your web design without investing additional money and losing any more visitors. We’ve collected five smart tips that will help you take the right direction in your redesign, make your site better and turn visitors into paying customers.

Make a Website Responsive

Do you know that 80% of people use mobile devices to search for something? Moreover, Google started penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly. So, having a mobile-friendly site is a must for companies if they want to get success online.

Mobile-friendly website rank higher in mobile searchers in comparison with those websites that are not mobile-friendly. Google wants to help users find information easier, and improve the overall user experience for your brand.

Check out whether your site is mobile-friendly with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. The tool will give you valuable recommendations to improve mobile experiences for your users. A responsive design will do wonders for your site in terms of SEO and increase your rankings in SERPs.

Include Clear Calls-to-Action

Once people visit your site, do you the know what to do next? Here’s where call-to-actions come into play. They help visitors show the next step they should take on a web page. That’s why it is important to include effective call-to-actions to let them learn more and resolve their pain points.

Use the first person voice while adding a call-to-action on your site. For example, you can include the CTA text like watch my video, download our guide, learn more about us or sign up for my webinar.

Regarding the CTA buttons, try to find a perfect color that will accent your color palette and pay attention to your site. Some studies show that orange CTA buttons lead to the increase of conversion rates, white red ones are less attractive for users. But if you have a clear idea what user should click, you can take the risk and do it.

Simplify Website Navigation

Website navigation takes center stage on your site as it allows users see the core places to visit. A good navigation is a key for users to find necessary information, and for search engines to affect your search rankings. When you want to improve your site navigation, try to be human first. Because people visit your site first, then search engines. It is important to include navigation hierarchy, responsive design and distinct content.

Add descriptive navigation instead of general like“What You Should Do Next”. Use simple language instead of jargon or internal lingo. If visitors can’t find or understand what they are looking for, they will leave your site forever and find a competitor site that has a better user experience. Make it easy for users to search on your site and find necessary useful information.

Get the Better of Social Media

Nowadays a lot of people use social media networks, and they can’t even live without them. Social media has taken over the world. Look at that: Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, Twitter amounts to 336 million, Facebook reaches 2.27 billion active users per month. That’s a lot! Don’t you think so? And we can’t miss this statistics, and do the best to make the most of your social media networks, share your posts and thoughts and boost your social media presence.

When you publish great content, you should give users the chance to share what you have with other people. It is important to include social follow and share buttons to get a lot of social media traffic. They shouldn’t look like pushy, vice versa they should encourage people share the page from your users on the social media of their choice. To make and integrate buttons on your site, you can use free social sharing tool like Shareaholic.

Use the Right Images

You know that a picture is worth a thousand words. People keep 80% of what they see what helps them better understand information and form associations. Whether you choose photos, GIFs, graphics or video, they will attract more attention on your web page then just using a pure text.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways to get quality images. You can take stocky images on Shutterstock or Unsplash, but make sure they won’t look genuine like you want. The best ways to get ideal photos, find a good photographer who know his stuff, and can bring more perfectionism to your brand. Make sure that images you are using reflect who you are and what content you try to explain.


Hopefully, you know how to give good reasons to retain your visitors and make them come back again and again. I guess that this article can be a good starting point to improve your web design in no time.

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